US – Intentionally misleading mothers who are exclusively breastfeeding to switch to bottle feeding

Code Violations
Promotion to the public and in shops


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A mom entrepreneur founded Bittylab, a company that developed the Bare® Air-free feeding system in the United States. The supposed Bare® Air-free feeding system basically consists of Perfe-latch nipple and Easy-latch nipple baby bottles.

On Bittylab’s website, idealising texts and images are used to promote its Perfe-latch nipple and Easy-latch nipple baby bottles. The products are said to be designed for both babies who are “exclusively breastfed” and bottle-fed with breastmilk or formula, and parents are to choose based on how their baby latches. Such confusing, or even contradicting statement blatantly undermines breastfeeding. The baby bottles are also being advertised as “Inspired by a mother’s breast” and “nipple extends to mimic breastfeeding”. These statements mislead parents to think that breastmilk in a bottle or any kind of bottle feeding is the same as breastfeeding.

Any promotion of feeding bottles and teats which are covered by the scope of the International Code normalises the practice of bottle feeding and discourage breastfeeding.

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Promotional texts used on the website: “Don’t bottle-feed… Bare feed your baby!” and “Bare, a healthier alternative to baby bottles” – essentially to tell parents that their products are “better” and “different” than others in the market.

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“Bare is the most breast-like”– statement conveying that its design is as good as mother’s breast!

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The Easy-latch nipple is promoted as “natural anti-GER, anti-gas & anti-colic system” – the common feeding problems that feeding bottle and teat companies capitalised on. 

On Bittylab’s Instagram account, special “discount codes” are frequently given to customers for purchase of its baby bottles online on the company’s website.

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Discounts are strictly prohibited by the International Code.