UAE-Free-for-all follow-up formula

Code Violations
Promotion to the public and in shops


HiPP GmbH & Co. Vertrieb KG
Georg-HiPP-Straße 7
D-85276 Pfaffenhofen

At a chain wholefood store and café outlet in UAE, amongst mountains of free give-away items that also include infant formula and baby food, HiPP was giving out follow-up formula for free. This is in direct violation of Code Article 5. This promotional tactic can seriously undermine breastfeeding when parents decide to try the product either by substituting breastfeeding with it or mixed feeding. Apart from building customer brand loyalty, giving away free products for trial use also creates consumer desire for products that may not be necessary in the first place.

Baby food mountains – free gifts luring parents to try something that undermine breastfeeding and optional infant and young child feeding.