TRINIDAD & TOBAGO- Raising conflict of interest to a new level

Code Violations
Sponsorship/Conflicts of interest


Aspen Nutrition
Aspen Park
98 Armstrong Avenue
La Lucia Ridge
Durban 4019

In Trinidad & Tobago, Aspen organised a ‘Pediatric Obesity’ conference for health workers at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.  Invitations were distributed within the health care system to doctors, nurses and district health visitors. Other than the Aspen presenter, guest speakers were paediatricians from Trinidad & Tobago.

The “Gold Line for Advanced Nutrition” is a clear reference to Aspen products

By sponsoring such an event, Aspen builds a platform to promote its products since health professionals are direct conduits to mothers.  It is also an effective marketing strategy that links the company name to respected health professionals who in turn will be perceived as endorsing the products of Aspen.  The goodwill gained is very valuable to the company.

The Breastfeeding Association of Trinidad and Tobago have lodged a complaint on the event to the Paediatric Society of Trinidad and Tobago. The professional association was asked to take a firm stand against such collaborations between their members and baby food companies.