TRINIDAD & TOBAGO – Nestlé continues to make its presence felt with rampant promotion of growing-up milks in shops and on social media

Code Violations
Promotion to the public and in shops


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A local supermarket in St Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago, promotes Nestlé Lactogen Junior 3 and KLIM 1+ growing up milks through special offers and display of shelf talkers. As is the case in most countries, Nestlé blatantly ignores the 2016 WHO Guidance which confirms that growing-up milks are breastmilk substitutes covered by the scope of the International Code and therefore should not be promoted.

Both Lactogen Junior 3 and KLIM 1+ are also being advertised on the Nestlé website ( &, accessed on 22 March 2019) as containing “prebiotics that may contribute to a healthy digestive system” and “probiotic culture, which may help to promote a healthy gut flora, regulate digestion, reducing the risk of constipation, for tummy comfort, and for a happy child!” – Claims that are idealising and promotional.

Supermarket shelf talker offers gifts with purchase…

…like free wet wipes with purchase of KLIM 1+ and free 350g tin of Lactogen Junior 3 with purchase of an 800 g tin!

In a few other supermarkets in Trinidad & Tobago, Lactogen Junior 3 is also being promoted through a contest to win a “Birthday Party” worth a whopping $4,000. Parents will find this offer, extended to children between the ages 2-5 years, hard to resist.

Nestlé’s ever-changing marketing tactics to promote its products and induce sales at retail level.

A video of this special offer at a supermarket in Chaguanas, Trinidad & Tobago, is posted on the Nestlé Start Health Caribbean Facebook page. (see screen shot of video below)

Contests are also used in the promotion of Nestlé KLIM 1+ growing-up milks.  Every week, parents who buy the formula product are given the chance to win grocery vouchers worth $1,000

Nestlé joining hands with supermarkets to induce sales


Both Lactogen Junior 3 and , KLIM 1+  are advertised on Nestlé’s website as growing-up milks for “young children from one year onwards”

See:, accessed on 27 May, 2019)., accessed on 26 May 2019.

A video posted on the KLIM Caribbean Moms Facebook page shows that KLIM 1+ is “specially designed for children from 1-3 years old”.

The small notice on the video states “KLIM 1+ is not a breastmilk substitute. For children 1 year onwards” – This clearly contradicts the 2016 WHO Guidance which clearly states that any milk that are specifically marketed for feeding infants and young children up to 3 years (including growing-up milks) is a breastmilk substitute.