TRINIDAD & TOBAGO – Conflicts of interest within health systems

Code Violations
Promotion in health facilities and to Health Workers


Nestlé S.A.
Avenue Nestlé 55
1800 Vevey
+1 800-225-2270


In Trinidad & Tobago, representatives from Nestlé distributes to nurses at health centres, pens with Nestlé name and the KLIM brand name printed on it.

The KLIM brand name represents a range of dairy products which include the KLIM 1+ growing-up milks (see screenshots from Nestlé Trinidad & Tobago website below). The 2016 WHO Guidance clearly reaffirms that growing-up milks are covered within the scope of the International Code and should not be promoted. Although the KLIM pens are of low value, social research shows that such gifts promote goodwill and influence professional behaviour.  Additionally, mothers are bound to see these items in health facilities as a form of medical endorsement.

Seemingly “harmless” item but they influence minds.

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