The Amazing Code Race in Jakarta, Indonesia

For the first time ever, ICDC’s training incorporated an element of competition for participants. Put together at the 11th hour to spice up a planned field trip on the last day of a capacity building workshop, the inaugural “Amazing Code Race” was held in Jakarta on 28 January 2016.

The race, a brainchild of leaders of the local IBFAN group, Asosiasi Ibu Menyusui Indonesia (AIMI), took inspiration from the popular TV series, “The Amazing Race” and provided participants with hands on experience on monitoring and reporting. With logistical support from AIMI, five teams made up of mostly NGO partners in the Gerakan Nasional Kesehatan Ibu Dan Anak (GKIA) / National Movement on Mother and Child Health went in different directions around urban Jakarta to search for violations.

The half day race required each group to collect as many Code violations as they could from a trip which they have independently charted.  Participants entered the race with great enthusiasm and this is reflected in the reporting session that ensued. Reporting became a fun exercise with groups giving hilarious accounts of how they went about hunting for information and were sometimes “found-out”. The groups also tried to outdo each other in their presentations including through song and dance for which no points were promised or awarded. But they added laughter to an otherwise serious subject.

More importantly, the race was educational and it involved team work. Participants learnt how to think on their feet to get information and to collect the necessary evidence. They then had to analyse the materials they collected using different Indonesian laws and the Code. All over a very short time.

In each presentation, it became apparent through questions from facilitators where the teams had erred, either through picking the wrong material or applying the wrong Indonesian law. There were enough correct answers to show that participants had gained a good grasp of the spirit, aim and principles of the Code and understood the way the Code was implemented in Indonesia. They were able to identify gaps and overlaps in the various laws.  Two groups with the most Code violations analysed accurately (including submission through ICDC’s phone app) were declared winners and won prizes courtesy of AIMI..

The capacity building workshop which ran from 25-28 January 2016 at the Kemang Medical Care Hospital is organised jointly by AIMI, Save the Children, World Vision, Sentra Laktasi & Muhammadiyah for their staff.  Selected health professionals and government officials were also invited by the organisers to participate. Yeong Joo Kean and Constance Ching from IBFAN-ICDC were the main facilitators.