Thank you for helping to create a world where all children are valued and given an opportunity to thrive.

Dear friends of IBFAN-ICDC,

Your avid support has made our Code advocacy work possible and sustainable. To-date, IBFAN-ICDC has trained over 1,500 government officials in 147 countries on Code implementation, while working with numerous INGOs and community organisations on Code monitoring. In addition to consistently publishing monitoring materials and Code violations – we have directly and indirectly helped 75 countries implement all or many of the provisions of the International Code into national legislation. The road has been hard, thus we never take our accomplishments and the support we receive lightly. However, we also understand that much work remains ahead of us as there are still many countries that lack the necessary know-how and mechanisms to implement, monitor and enforce the Code and their national measures.
And with your support, we can continue the necessary work to protect breastfeeding to safeguard the health of infants and young children.
As we approach the end of the year, we would like to share with you some of our highlights in 2014:
  • Involvement in Infant & Young Child Feeding in ASEAN Region. In March, ICDC participated in “Developing Roadmaps for Infant & Young Child Feeding in selected countries in the ASEAN region and Beyond” workshop in Bangkok.ICDC gave a presentation on “Challenges and Barriers to Code Revision, Monitoring and Enforcement” at the workshopwhich was a collaborative effort of Alive & Thrive, Irish Aid, UNICEF and Save the Children. [Read more]


  • Capacity Building in Laos. ICDC was in Lao PDR in March and June this year to assist in monitoring and capacity building, working closely with MoH, UNICEF and Save the Children. [Read more]


  • Code Review in Malaysia. At the invitation of the Ministry of Health of Malaysia, ICDC sits on the Review Committee and is participating in the the 5-year review process of the Malaysian Code, which involves monthly meetings with the MoH. [Read more]


  • ICDC’s Participation in First NetCode Meeting. In April, together with our sister organisation the Geneva Infant Feeding Association (GIFA), ICDC represented IBFAN to participate in the preliminary meeting on a Global Network on the Monitoring of the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes and Subsequent WHA Resolutions at the WHO headquarters in Geneva. The main objectives of this meeting included sharing and learning Code monitoring and implementation experiences; and ICDC was able to share IBFAN’s experience in monitoring since before the Code was adopted. [Read more]


  • ICDC at WHA in Geneva. In May, ICDC joined its other partners in IBFAN to put the Code at the forefront of the IYCF agenda at the WHA. IBFAN strongly urged changes to be made in the “Decision on Maternal Infant and Young Child Nutrition”. IBFAN succeeded in getting the changes incorporated into the Decision, which has the same legal force as a resolution. This was also the first time IBFAN attended WHA in Geneva under its own name, having been accepted into Official Relations with WHO in January. Previously, IBFAN attended WHA as representatives of Consumers International. [Read more]


  • BTR 2014 Launch in Geneva. “Breaking the Rules, Stretching the Rules 2014” (BTR 2014) was launched on 16 May in Geneva, just days before the start of the World Health Assembly. Capitalising on the attention in the WHA meeting, an announcement was made on the launch of BTR 2014 and State of the Code by Country 2014. [Read more]


  • Training with Community Groups in Malaysia. In August, after receiving numerous requests, ICDC facilitated a Code monitoring course in Kelana Jaya, co-organised by the World Breastfeeding Alliance (WABA) together with the Persatuan Penyusuan Susu Ibu Malaysia (PPPIM). The training attracted 30 participants from various mother support groups in Kuala Lumpur and surroundings areas. [Read more]


  • Taking the Law Forward in Myanmar. On 9 September, ICDC attended the launch of the Myanmar Law – the Order of Marketing of Formulated Foods for Infants and Young Children, in Myanmar’s capital Naypyitaw, at the invitation of UNICEF. A day after the launch of the Myanmar Law, ICDC conducted a 3-day  monitoring training for 40 government officials, aimed at  building a core team of Code monitors. [Read more]


  • Regional Training Course in Indonesia. In October, ICDC was in Jakarta to conduct a Regional Training Course on Implementing the International Code of Marketing Breastmilk Substitutes. The course was made possible through the support and sponsorship of IBFAN-ASIA and was hosted by Asosiasi Ibu Menyusui Indonesia/Indonesian Breastfeeding Mothers Association (AIMI), the main IBFAN member group in Indonesia. [Read more]


  • ICDC at One Asia Breastfeeding Partners Forum. ICDC presented “The Hottest Products in Baby Food Marketing Today” at the 10th One Asia Breastfeeding Partners Forum, hosted by the Ministry of Health of Brunei Darussalam and organised by IBFAN Asia in October. The theme of the Forumwas “Complementary Feeding for Infants and Young Children – GiveMom Access to Appropriate Food, No Child Will Go Hungry”. [Read more]


  • ICDC’s Past Support to Code Strengthening Effort in Vietnam & Kuwait Yield Results. We are very pleased to learn that after years of supporting the Vietnamese and Kuwaiti government, we are seeing new national measures being adopted that give effect to the International Code. [Read more]


  • Strengthening Code Monitoring Efforts with MoH Malaysia. With the support from the Ministry of Health of Malaysia, ICDC had the pleasure to conduct a ‘Briefing on Code Monitoring of the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes’ at Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan in November. The briefing was well-attended by Ministry officials and members of the Code Disciplinary Committee. [Read more]


  • ICDC at the BrazilianNational Breastfeeding Conference. End of November, ICDC presented on the topics of Ethics and the Brazilian WHA resolution at the Encontro Nacional de Aleitamento Materno (ENAM) / BrazilianNational Breastfeeding Conference, attended by over 2,000 participants.
As we look forward to more partnerships and shared successes in the coming year – please know that you have played a very important part in making these accomplishments happen.
With much gratitude, we wish you all the best in 2015.
IBFAN-ICDC       Penang, Malaysia