Russia- Nuk violates the Code by promoting its products at health facilities

Code Violations
Promotion to the public


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Promotional pamphlets for NUK teats are available for mothers at a polyclinic in Irkutsk, Russia. The teats are described in the pamphlet as “Taken from nature” – conveying to mothers that its design are close to the mother’s breast. Distributing promotional pamphlets in healthcare facilities not only undermines breastfeeding, but it implies that the product has the endorsement of health professionals who have specialised knowledge and upon whom mothers place their trust.

Promotional pamphlets available as mothers’ reading materials

The NUK UK website claims their “Nature Sense” silicone teat is “as close to mother’s breast as never before” and that their “First Choice” latex teat is “the closest thing to mother’s nipple” – both idealising statements.