Russia – Heinz promotes use of complementary foods before 6 months

Code Violations
Promoting Early Complementary Feeding in Health Facilities


HJ Heinz Company
One PPG Place, Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania 15222, USA.

In Russia, mothers received a “Calendar for the baby of the first year of life” from pediatricians which promotes a full range of Heinz complementary food products for babies below 6 months.

The 2016 Guidance recommends that messages used to promote foods for infants and young children must include a statement on the importance of not introducing complementary feeding before 6 months of age. When complementary food is marketed for use during a period when babies should be exclusively breastfed, it functions as a breastmilk substitute and is covered by the scope of the Code. Promotion is thus not permitted.

Heinz continues to ignore the Code and recommendations in the 2016 Guidance in the promotion of its complementary foods by providing promotional materials to health professionals for distribution to mothers.

Any promotion of products within the scope of the Code in healthcare facilities not only undermines breastfeeding, it is also a form of endorsement to the products and conveying good will on behalf of the company.

The calendar contains colorful pictures of Heinz complementary food products categorised according to age group starting from 3 months.