RUSSIA – Free infant formula at maternity hospital

Code Violations
Promotion in Health Facilities


Hero Group
Karl Roth-Strasse 8
5600 Lenzburg
Tel: +41 62 885 51 11

Free Semper 1 infant formulas are given to mothers at a maternity hospital in Podolsk (Moscow Region), Russia. Since 2006, Semper is owned by Hero Group (which manufactures different brands of formula milks such as Hero Baby and Pedialac) with headquarters in Switzerland.

Giving out free Semper 1 infant formulas to mothers at the maternity hospital is a medical endorsement of the product by health professionals with specialised knowledge and whose responsibility is to promote breastfeeding. It blatantly undermines breastfeeding.

Companies often promote its formula products at healthcare facilities such as maternity hospital where they can gain easy access to pregnant women and mothers.

Promotion in any facility of a health care system violates Article 6.2 of the International Code.

(Retrieved from, accessed on 22 March, 2019)

Semper 1 infant formula promoted on the Semper Russia website “as close as possible to the mother’s milk – a blatant International Code violation!