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BFHI Factsheet 2018


IBFAN-ICDC compiled the [IBFAN-ICDC Fact Sheet: BFHI and the Code], an easy to read two-pager that summarises the [2018 BFHI Implementation Guidance (UNICEF & WHO)], which includes a revision of the Ten Steps and encompasses for the first time the Code as a distinct step within the Ten Steps.

BTR (Breaking The Rules) 2007, 2010 & BTR: in Brief 2014


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Look What They’re Doing!

In addition to the Breaking the Rules, Stretching the Rules global monitoring report, ICDC also publishes monitoring reports according to themes and by country in co-operation with national groups. As IBFAN-ICDC hopes monitoring will eventually become a sustainable activity at country level, these reports can now be downloaded for free to enable national groups to use them as blue prints for their own reports if they so wish.

ICDC Focus


In addition to monitoring reports that are organised by country and according to themes, ICDCalso has a FOCUS series to highlight topical matters or to shame particular companies whose activities we find worrisome.

Archive of ICDC Alerts


The following alerts issued by ICDC whenever there is an issue or scandal our constituents should know about on urgent basis. Although the urgency of the matters raised has dissipated, we are keeping them as archives in this section for future reference.