MALAYSIA-Rampant promotion of growing-up milks!

Code Violations
Promotion to the public and in shops


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Nestlé formula products are constantly on offer in supermarkets and retail outlets in Malaysia. In the flyers given out to customers regularly when they shop at Tesco Penang, Malaysia, there are rampant promotions of Nestlé Nankid Optipro 3 and Lactogrow 3 growing-up milks. Shoppers are enticed with discounts and free gifts with purchase of these formula products.

This blatant promotion of Nestlé growing-up milks in Tesco did not happen by accident. Growing up-milks are not yet covered by the Malaysian Code of Ethics for the Marketing of Infant Foods and Related Products (Malaysian Code). Companies in Malaysia are careful not to promote infant and follow-up formulas covered under the Malaysian Code and focuses instead on promotion of growing-up milks. It is therefore important to strengthen implementation of the International Code and subsequent WHA resolutions at national level in order to better protect breastfeeding.

Parents will find free gifts and discounts hard to resist

Shoppers can also find similar promotional tactics of free gifts and discounts for Wyeth Nutrition’s S-26 Gold Progress growing-up milks in the Tesco flyers. Unsurprisingly, Wyeth Nutrition is a subsidiary of Nestlé S.A.

Such discounts and free gifts are all VIOLATIONS of the International Code and the 2016 WHO Guidance which reaffirms that growing-up milk is a breastmilk substitute covered by the scope of the International Code and therefore should not be promoted.

The ‘Important Notice’ on the ad declares that “S-26 Gold Progress is not breastmilk substitutes but formulated milk powder for children specially suited to healthy young children aged 1 year and above” – This conflicts with the 2016 WHO Guidance that defines growing-up milks (NO.3) as breastmilk substitutes.