Luxembourg- Thin line between promotion and information in scientific journals for nurses

Code Violations
Information and Education


Medela AG Lättichstrasse 4b
6341 Baar, Switzerland

Found in Luxembourg, in a German medical journal for nurses, Medela introduces its pump and bottle specifically for neonatal intensive care unit, stating it is “the safe way for breastmilk’’. Although it is meant to address premies who are not yet able to be breastfed, the picture and text are idealising use of bottle, specifically in the last paragraph, it is promoting the use of the Calma teat. Moreover, it does not discuss alternative ways of feeding and how to bring the baby to the breast. What is supposed to be scientific and factual information for health workers, is essentially an infomercial promoting bottle-feeding to nurses.

Product information for health workers should be scientific and factual. This article is testing the boundaries between promotion and information.