JAPAN – Meiji misleads with promotional information

Code Violations
Information and Education/Promotion to the Public


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Tokyo, Japan.


Meiji’s three page “Q & A for pregnant women who try to breastfeed” in a Japanese maternity magazine are essentially used to promote its Meiji Hohoemi Rakuraku Cube infant powder milk.

In their supposed “answers” to questions, the company actually encourages pregnant women to use their infant powder milk products and teaches them how to prepare it.

Information or Promotion?

Question: I am worried that I may not produce breastmilk well now”
Answer: Let’s use the Meiji Hohoemi Rakuraku Cube wisely to spend more time with your baby.

The image of a healthy baby is used on the last cover page of the same magazine to idealise the use of the product. The company also uses promotional and misleading texts such as “Recommended for moms who want to breastfeed” and “Meiji Hohoemi Rakuraku Cube is the best-selling infant powder milk in Japan” to attract mothers’ attention.

Meiji infant powder milk is “No. 1”?