Jamaica- Nestle presence in doctor’s clinic: all the way from the waiting room to the doctor’ hand

Code Violations
Promotion in health facilities & to health workers


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Any form of promotion of products in the scope in healthcare facilities not only undermines breastfeeding, it is also a form of endorsement to the product, which jeopardises professional integrity of health professionals. Here, promotional pamphlets of the complete line of Nestle Good Start products are placed at eye-catching location together with other reading materials in the patient waiting room in a clinic in Kingston, Jamaica. A closer look at the pamphlet shows the slogan “infant formulas offer complete nutrition”. This is an outrageously unfounded claim that is intended to mislead parents.

Apart from the brochure, prescription pads featuring Lactogen Grow 3 were found in the clinic as well. Same as the brochure, using items as such is practically endorsing the product and conveying good will on behalf of the company. These can be very powerful promotional tactics as health professionals have enormous influence over their patients, upon whom they place their trust.

Product promotional materials as parents’ reading materials 

From the doctor’s hand straight to the parents’ – Lactogen prescription pads