IBFAN-ICDC releases State of the Code by Country 2018



Every two years since 1986, ICDC has been publishing the State of the Code by Country (SOCC), an easy-to-view chart that tracks the status of national implementation of the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes and relevant World Health Assembly (WHA) resolutions (“the International Code”) worldwide. The SOCC serves as an important instrument in Code advocacy – it reminds countries of where they are at in Code implementation, and their obligation to give effect to the International Code through national legislation, regulation, or other suitable measures. Where the Code is already in place, the SOCC can be used to call on governments to improve their national measures through amendment, monitoring and enforcement.

As of 2016, ICDC has started cooperating with WHO and UNICEF to collect and review national measures adopted by countries. This cooperation allows all three organisations to share and gain access to data that hitherto were unavailable, thus enabling to fill missing or incomplete information. Just like its previous edition in 2016, the data used in SOCC 2018 is also being used in the Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes: National Implementation of the International Code Status Report 2018, published jointly by WHO, UNICEF, and IBFAN. Findings in the SOCC and the joint report and are harmonised, but to preserve the unique features of the SOCC, ICDC has maintained 9 categories, which include countries with national measures other than laws. This is where this Chart departs from the joint WHO/UNICEF/IBFAN report which only records legislative measures, not voluntary ones or national policies.

SOCC also provides short analyses on Code implementation and its challenges worldwide, and highlights on related topics such as Code and trade, Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative, Human Rights and Maternity Protection.

Reinforcing the importance of strengthening Code implementation to WHA delegates while introducing the latest SOCC.

Thanks to sister organisation IBFAN-Asia, the main organiser of the 71st WHA side event “The World Breastfeeding Trends Initiative (WBTi) as a vehicle to analyse action to achieve World Health Assembly and Global Breastfeeding Collective targets to increase exclusive and continued breastfeeding”, IBFAN-ICDC Programme Manager made a brief introduction on the State of the Code by Country 2018 (SOCC 2018), and gave out complimentary copies to those who attended the side event on 24th May, 2018.  


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