IBFAN-ICDC releases Code Essentials 3& 4 (2nd edition) to help effective Code implementation

With the support of UNICEF East Asia & Pacific regional office, IBFAN-ICDC has recently revised its Code Essentials 3 and 4 (Code Essentials 3: Responsibilities of Health Workers under the International Code Of Marketing Of Breastmilk Substitutes & Subsequent WHA Resolutions and Code Essentials 4: Complying with the International Code Of Marketing Of Breastmilk Substitutes & Subsequent WHA Resolutions) – part of a four-book series that provide clear and practical guidance based on decades of professional and advocacy experience on supporting countries on Code implementation. Each Code Essential has a special focus to help legislators, policy makers, health educators/workers, regulators and compliance staff, and breastfeeding and public health advocates alike on how to effectively implement the International Code.


Code Essential 3 helps health workers understand how to best carry out their responsibilities under the Code to protect and promote breastfeeding. Latest relevant global recommendations, such as new Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative implementation guideline and updates on HIV and Infant Feeding are included.


Code Essential 4 contains clear guidelines for regulators and compliance staff to identify Code violations, and examples of how companies interpret Code provisions differently to serve their marketing needs. A chapter on the WHO Guidance on Ending the Inappropriate Promotion of Foods for Infants and Young Children is included to help regulators and compliance staff understand the implications on their roles.

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