IBFAN-ICDC launches all-time best-seller “Protecting Infant Health: A Health Worker’s Guide”

The interaction between health workers and pregnant women and mothers are special and delicate as trust is placed in health workers for the professional knowledge and care they provide. Thus, health workers are often used by companies as prime channel for promotion due to this close interaction. That trust is often violated when health workers are not aware of the subtle ways in which marketing works, and how they are exploited by companies. In some cases, the ‘reward’ is simply too difficult to resist, and is often packaged in a way that is harmless or even beneficial to the professional development of health workers. Company sponsorship, gifts, meals and entertainment have direct impact on health workers’ attitudes to protecting breastfeeding, and hence direct influence on mothers. The 12th edition of Protecting Infant Health: A Health Worker’s Guide to the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes is a handy guide on the International Code to help health workers navigate these difficult terrains and provide clear guidance on what should and should not be done by health workers according to the International Code, in the spirit of protecting breastfeeding and optimal infant and young child feeding. It is updated with all recent WHA resolutions, the 2016 Guidance on ending the inappropriate promotion of foods for infants and young children, and guidelines on HIV and emergencies.

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