IBFAN-ICDC is pleased to announce the launch of the 2016 edition of the State of the Code by Country chart (the “Blue SOCC”)

The Blue SOCC chart is produced by ICDC periodically to track the status of Code implementation worldwide. It is an ongoing status report on national implementation of the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes and relevant World Health Assembly (WHA) resolutions (jointly referred to as “the International Code”).


Since its first appearance in 1986, the Blue SOCC has served as an important instrument in ICDC’s advocacy work.  It is useful to remind countries of their obligation to give effect to the International Code through national legislation, regulation, or other suitable measures for the protection of breastfeeding. Where the Code is already in place we use the Blue SOCC to call on countries to improve their national measures through amendment, monitoring and enforcement.


We are especially proud to announce the publication of the Blue SOCC because, for the first time, the data maintained by ICDC that goes into the Blue SOCC is being used in the Joint WHO/UNICEF/IBFAN Report on Marketing of Breast-Milk Substitutes: National Implementation of the International Code Status Report 2016.
This is a historic development. With the support of GIFA and BMA, ICDC is happy to be able to take the lead for IBFAN in cooperating with WHO and UNICEF. Findings in the Joint Report and the Blue SOCC are harmonised, but to preserve the unique features of the Blue SOCC, ICDC has maintained the 9 different categories we have allocated to countries in the SOCC.


As with previous editions, this year’s Blue SOCC provides an easy overview of the status of Code implementation in 198 countries in 9 distinct categories, ranging from law to no action. The publication also provides short analysis on Code implementation and its challenges worldwide and highlights on related topics such as Code and trade, Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative, Human Rights and Maternity Protection.


To celebrate this publication, an electronic version is available for free to members and supporters of IBFAN for the month of May. Please send your request to [email protected]


It is our hope that, upon the 35th anniversary of the adoption of the Code – the launch of the Blue SOCC 2016 and the collaboration with WHO and UNICEF on the first Joint Report will mark a significant step that brings us closer to ensuring the health of mothers and children.


For those interested in following the launch of the Joint Code Report (9 May, 17:00 to 18:30) in Geneva, there will be a live streaming of the launch on: http://new.livestream.com/GvaPressClub/Breastfeeding
The Blue SOCC will also be available at the launch as well as at the upcoming 69th World Health Assembly, 23 – 28 May, 2016.
Code Publication Support, IBFAN-ICDC


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