HONDURAS – Nestlé makes its presence felt at paediatric congress

Code Violations
Promotion in health facilities and to Health Workers


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At the National Congress of Honduras Pediatric Association held at Hotel Clarion, Tegucigalpa from 21 to 23 February, 2019, Nestlé was among the companies prominently present at the event. There were booths set up with huge banner showing the Nan Comfort formula product with the fancy promotional logo containing health claims such as “L. reuteri – Partially hydrolysed /reduced in lactose”. For health professionals, Article 7.2 of the International Code allows only product information that is factual and scientific. This banner has gone way beyond science and facts.

Infiltrating professional conferences and events as such provides Nestlé with a ready platform to promote their products within the health system, especially to health professionals who have direct contact with mothers. The qualifications and role of a health professional can be used by companies as powerful tools to promote products.

Attractive banners to draw attention of participants at the national congress.

Informational or promotional?