GERMANY/SWITZERLAND- Claims and ‘premium’ formulas

Code Violations
Promotion to the public and in shops


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At a drugstore in Aachen, Germany, “new” tags are used to promote Beba Supreme Pre and Beba Supreme 1 from Nestlé.

Both the Beba Supreme Pre and Beba Supreme 1 are described as “premium starter food” suitable for use for babies from birth onwards. The formula products are supposedly without palm oil and “easily tolerated” and “good for feeding” – claims which are not just idealising but unsubstantiated.

The “new” tag is small in size but will certainly draw mothers’ attention to the product.     

Elsewhere, at a supermarket in Basel, Switzerland, a special shelf talker offers a 20% discount on every 2 Nestlé milk purchase. A statement in a smaller font excludes infant formula from the discount but the way the sign is placed under the Beba Bio 1 infant formula is quite inappropriate. This special promotion does not technically violate the Swiss law but it is a violation of the International Code.

Ok for Switzerland but the International Code does not allow such promotional tactics for any milk product targeting children under 3 years.