FRANCE – Selling know-how at soft price

Code Violations
Promotion to the public and in shops



15, rue du Helder
75009 Paris – France

At Carrefour supermarket in France, an eye-catching shelf talker with text such as “Blédina’s know-how at a “soft” price” is used to promote Blédilait 2ème âge follow-up formula from Blédina. This special display will no doubt draw the attention of shoppers to the products as soon as they step into the supermarket. It is a silent but effective promotional sales method to induce sales at retail outlets.

An image of a healthy and happy baby is used to idealise the product.

On the Blédina website, visitors will be led to different Blédilait formula products such as the Blédilait 2ème âge with promotional and unsubstantiated health claims such as “Iron and Omega 3 to contribute to good brain development” and “Calcium and Vitamin D required for normal bone growth and development”.

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