Egypt- Information or promotion?

Code Violations
Promotion to the public


Medela AG Lättichstrasse 4b
6341 Baar, Switzerland

An IBCLC lactation consultant who is also a staff in the Pediatrics Department of Cairo University is featured on a Medela youtube video that directly targets new mothers. The video compares bottle-feeding with breastfeeding by saying that the Calma bottle and teat are like “the mother’s nipple as the milk will not flow too fast so the baby will not be in shock, and it will not flow too slow so the baby will not be frustrated”. The video also boasts that with Calma, the milk will flow easily and the baby is the one who is in control.  At some point in the video, text on the screen states that the latest innovation of the Calma bottle and teat is based on breastfeeding research, and using the bottle will not undermine breastfeeding and will not create nipple confusion. Even though it is riding on the benefits and capitalising on the glory of breastfeeding, the promotional claims are misleading to mothers and will eventually lead to undermining of breastfeeding. The qualifications, role, and affiliations of a health worker can serve as a form of powerful endorsement used to promote the product. There is also an inherent conflict of interest for health workers to appear in company-sponsored videos, when indeed their fiduciary duty is to protect and promote breastfeeding.

Is this lactation consultant protecting breastfeeding or promoting bottle-feeding?

(Screenshots taken from video )