DUBAI – Look at this, huge promotion!!

Code Violations
Promotion to the public and in shops


15, rue du Helder
75009 Paris – France

Nutricia (Danone) puts up a huge billboard near a large shopping mall in Dubai to promote their Aptamil Junior growing-up milks with Pronutra. The product is said to contain prebiotics that help support your child’s immunity and being promoted as a “Unique formula that helps support your child’s immunity – to experience the world and build resilience”. Breastmilk provides ALL that and more to infants and young children for free!

Like other companies, Nutricia (Danone) continues to blatantly promote their growing-up milks with outrageous health claims as if they are not covered under the International Code. The 2016 WHO Guidance clearly reaffirms that a breastmilk substitute include any milks, in either liquid or powdered form, that are specifically marketed for feeding infants and young children up to the age of 3 years, including growing-up milks.

Nutricia (Danone) tells parents to “Raise them Ready” with Aptamil Junior growing-up milk – a blatant promotional slogan and images of happy father and healthy child idealise the use of the product