CROATIA- Nestlé trade mascot on doctor’s certificate

Code Violations
Complementary food


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In Croatia, a doctor’s medical certificate issued to a student is printed with Nestlé’s name and the iconic “Blue Bear”. The ‘‘Blue Bear’’ is the mascot of Nestlé’s complementary foods such as Cerelac. It is on the packaging and is often used in promotional materials. This is a discreet but clearly inappropriate promotion of Nestlé complementary foods, as the 2016 WHO Guidance stipulates that there should be no complementary food promotion throughout health systems.

Promotion of products covered by the scope of the International Code, especially in a healthcare facility implies that the products are endorsed by health professionals who have specialised knowledge and upon whom patients place their trust. This will no doubt benefit the company in gaining goodwill from parents and families to induce sales.

There are many ways to sneak the Nestlé name and logo into health facilities.