CROATIA – Inappropriate promotion and labelling of Humana infant formula

Code Violations
Promotion to the public and in shops/Labelling


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In a hypermarket in Zagred, Croatia, Humana 1 infant formula is on sale with 30% discount as it is nearing its expiration date.

 The product is indicated as suitable for use ‘from birth’ onwards

Humana 1 infant formula is advertised on the Humana website as a formula “perfectly tailored to the specific nutritional needs of your newborn” and “ideally suited as a supplement to breast milk” or for sole feeding if mothers are not breastfeeding. The company also claims that their product is “modelled on breast milk”. These statements not only idealise the product but promote bottle-feeding from birth and undermine exclusive breastfeeding.

(Retrieved from, accessed on 10 January 2019)

The German flag is used as a quality assurance to gain customers’ trust