Code Monitoring On-the-Go IBFAN-ICDC launches Smart Monitoring App & Online Forms

The implementation and enforcement of the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes is imperative to the protection optimal infant and young child feeding. For it to be effective, an independent and transparent mechanism to monitor industry’s compliance with the Code and national measures is needed. ICDC’s Code monitoring is continuously sustained by volunteers from around the world.

To keep up with the rapid changes in marketing tactics and technology, as well as to provide easy on-the-go access for our monitors, ICDC, the IBFAN office tasked with coordinating Code monitoring for the global IBFAN network, has launched the Code Monitoring Smart Phone App and Online Monitoring Forms, based on its latest Code Monitoring Kit.

The new smartphone app can be downloaded on any Android device, and allows instant access to 8 interactive monitoring forms, including the “Quick and Easy” Form. Monitors can collect and report evidence of violations and unethical practices instantaneously through the smartphone app, and evidence is directly sent to IBFAN-ICDC’s database.

Download the smartphone app:
Access online monitoring forms:
View recent Code violations: