CHILE: Pharmacists become promoters

Code Violations
Promotion to the public and in shops


15, rue du Helder
75009 Paris – France

In Vina del Mar, Chile, an advertorial in a local pharmacy brochure is entitled “Mom, we are ready to advise you in this new stage”. It is used to promote Danone’s Nutrilon 3 growing-up milks.

Many companies blatantly disregard the 2016 WHO Guidance which reaffirms that growing-up milk is a breastmilk substitute covered by the scope of the International Code and therefore should not be promoted.

The advertorial carries promotional texts such as “specialized advice”, “low prices”, “the best brands” and “the best for your child”. Further, the image of a happy mother bottle-feeding her baby idealises the use of the advertised formula products. Shoppers who are ‘club’ members with the pharmacy are also offered higher discount rate for the products.

Such idealising texts, images and discounts featured in the brochure are ALL violations of the International Code.

This advertising brochure recruits pharmacists as product promoters for Nutricia (owned by Danone).