Canada – Riding on disaster: unsolicited donations of infant formula

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The feeding of infants and young children in emergencies such as natural disasters and wars are often compromised. These situations are also hot bed for companies to justify their promotional activities (i.e. unsolicited free or discounted supplies). Not only do these activities have a spillover effect, it is also a way for companies to build their charitable image for good will. Mead Johnson donated $10,000 to the Red Cross rescue effort of the massive wildfire in Alberta, Canada. Together with the money was unsolicited donation of infant formula made through the Food Banks of Canada directed at the 88,000 evacuees. Promoting, promoting and support breastfeeding should be at the forefront in emergency relief operations, and donations should not be sought or accepted. Companies like Mead Johnson on the other hand capitalise on the goodwill effect by appearing as a generous donor, undermining breastfeeding and harming the health of infants and young children who are in vulnerable conditions.

Emergencies are hotbed for company promotion.