Canada paving the way for best practices to give effect to the Code

Invited by sister organisation INFACT Canada, IBFAN-ICDC consultants Yeong Joo Kean and Constance Ching were in Toronto, Ontario, Canada from 14 to 16 May to conduct a Workshop on Implementing the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes. David Clark, Nutrition Specialist (Legal) from UNICEF, Betty Sterken, National Director of INFACT Canada, and Evelyn te Nyenhuis from York Region Community and Health Services Department also joined as trainers, sharing their rich experience on Code implementation and infant and young child nutrition respectively. The workshop was mostly attended by health workers, lactation consultants and academic researchers from all over Canada, and a few participants from the US.

(Start from Left) Code is serious business. Can we start? , Betty talks about importance of breastfeeding, Constance takes participants through the Code history and David focuses on scope.

Since Canada has not adopted any legal measures to give effect to the Code, the focus was on developing best practices that are in line with the Code and relevant WHA resolutions in the healthcare system. Discussions such as infant and young child feeding trends, Codex standardizing of foods for infants and young children, and federal policies and regulations needed for Code implementation also took place. Participants engaged in interactive dialogues on issues surrounding conflicts of interest, as many of them are confronted with issue working within the healthcare system. To add to the fruitful discussions, participants and trainers also exchanged ideas on challenges and possibilities of Code implementation for North America, and a brief future plan was established at the end of the workshop.

(Start from Left) Evelyn highlight areas of conflict of interest, Joo Kean sizes up the market and the people listen.

(Start from Left) Some are avid note taker, a group photo for remembrance and  busy group work.