CANADA- Mead Johnson formula products on sale!

Code Violations
Promotion to the public and in shops

Mead Johnson

Mead Johnson Global Headquarters
225 North Canal Street
25th Floor
Chicago, IL 60606 USA

At a pharmacy in Toronto, Canada, Mead Johnson Enfagrow A+ growing-up milks are on sale at a reduced price.  The 2016 WHO Guidance on Ending the Inappropriate Promotion of Foods for Infants and Young Children (A 69/7 Add.1) clarifies that growing-up milk is a breastmilk substitute and therefore should not be promoted.

Discounts to induce quick sales at retail level

Similarly, in another store in Quebec, Canada, different types of Mead Johnson products such as Enfamil A+ and Enfamil A+ Gentlease are on sale at discounted prices. The Enfamil A+ range of formula products is purportedly for healthy, full-term infants without special nutritional needs while Enfamil A+ Gentlease is supposed to be a “tummy friendly formula” which contains “easy-to-digest proteins” to help ease fussiness and gas. Breastmilk does all that for free.

Mead Johnson reaching out to all potential buyers by offering a wide range of products