Croatia – Promotion on complementary foods marketed as suitable for before 6months of age

Code Violations
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Complementary foods that are marketed as suitable for under 6 months of age interfere with exclusive breastfeeding, therefore are considered breastmilk substitutes and are within the scope. The 2016 WHO Guidance specifically states that messages on package labels should not suggest use for under the age of 6 months. As shown in the shelf talkers at a supermarket in Croatia, the labels of these complementary foods clearly show that they are marketed for different ages, including 4 months and 5 months, and promoted as “tasty Hipp meals”. Not only that, they are promoted with a special discount, “buy 4 get 2 for free”. Discounts for products within the scope are prohibited under the Code.

Double violation – marketing complementary foods as suitable for under 6 month of age and promoting them with discounts.