Canada – Company materials placed in prime location in doctor’s office to bait parents

Code Violations
Promotion in health facilities & to health workers

Mead Johnson

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Health professionals, because of their role and qualifications, can help companies build a ‘health expert’ image to gain goodwill from the public. Doctors’ offices are hotspots for rampant promotional activities as there is no law to restrict such promotional practices in Canada. Right at the entrance of a pediatrician’s clinic on the reception desk are an array of promotional materials, including Enfagrow A+ toddler nutritional drink sample box sets, and other company promotional pamphlets and brochures that state “Your first priority: nourishing your baby” and “the Best for Your Baby Nutrition Guide”, greeting and baiting parents as they walk in. Health professionals have a fiduciary duty to protect and promote breastfeeding and public health interest. This kind of practices violates the trust of the public, and the conflict of interest also compromises professional integrity.

Samples of formula and attractive booklets become the greeters in the doctor’s office