Canada – Branding babies from the start with medical equipment

Code Violations
Promotion in health facilities & to health workers


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Health professionals hold a very special and important position as parents entrust their babies’ life and health to them, and it is exactly this position that companies capitalise on. An impression of endorsement is misleadingly created in the minds of parents by strategically placing product samples, brochures, and equipment in doctors’ offices. Unfortunately, in many cases, health professionals defy their fiduciary duty to protect and promote breastfeeding, and knowingly succumb to the pressure of companies’ aggressive marketing practices.

In a doctor’s office, the scale liner, one of the main “destinations” where every baby is gently-laid down, is branded with countless heart-shaped Similac logos, and the same brand will be encountered by parents when their babies are being measured, as the brand Similac is also printed on the measuring band – making impressions on parents’ mind quietly and subliminally.

Scale liners and measuring bands – all branded with logos.