BANGLADESH – Should companies promote breastfeeding?

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On the official Nestlé Bangladesh facebook page, the company uploaded a picture on the “Start Healthy Stay Healthy Superbaby campaign” ( which is supposedly an activity to promote the “benefits of breastfeeding”.

Conflict of interest is embedded in these promotional campaigns as Nestlé’s interest is evidently in making profits from selling baby foods.  Therefore, for an obvious reason, these campaigns all emphasise on the “benefits” of breastfeeding instead of the risks of NOT breastfeeding.

A good image helps to induce sales for the company even if that means pretending to promote breastfeeding.  Ultimately, Nestlé’s duty to its shareholders is to make profits which cannot be made from genuinely promoting breastfeeding.

The “Start Healthy, Stay Healthy” slogan represents Nestlé’s range of breastmilk substitutes products which often appear on their promotional materials even where no brand name is mentioned.