AUSTRIA/RUSSIA – Nestlé’s continued presence in healthcare facilities around the globe

Code Violations
Promotion in health facilities & to health workers


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At a paediatrician’s office in Austria, Alfamino Diagnostic Set and Althéra Diagnostic Set from Nestlé Health Science are prominently displayed on the cabinet. According to the Nestlé Health Science’s website, the company is established in 2011 and “founded on the HealthCare Nutrition business of the Nestlé Group” (retrieved from, accessed on 15 March, 2019). Both Alfamino and Althéra are infant formula products marketed by Nestlé Health Science purportedly as “special formula” or “special nutrition” for infants and young children with “cow’s milk protein allergy”.

Mothers are bound to see the display of products at the doctor’s as a form of medical endorsement by a health professional with specialised knowledge and upon whom mothers place their trust. This not only violates Articles 6.2 and 6.3 of the International Code but it is also inappropriate as healthcare facilities and health professionals alike have a clear duty to provide independent and objective support.

This paediatrician’s clinic should be promoting breastfeeding and not Althéra and Alfamino.

Nestlé placed posters prominently on the information board to promote its Nan Optipro 3 and Nestogen 3 growing-up milks at a children’s clinic in Moscow, Russia. Posters, brochures, free samples, gifts and utility items for doctors, are some of the tactics that companies like Nestlé deploys to gain favour with health facilities and get access to pregnant women and mothers.

By promoting growing-up milks in healthcare facilities, Nestlé completely disregards the 2016 WHO Guidance which clearly iterates that growing-up milks is a breastmilk substitutes covered by the scope of the International Code and therefore promotion is prohibited.

 Nestlé blatantly promoting growing-up milks as if they are not covered by the scope of the International Code.