AUSTRIA– Danone presence in doctor’s clinic

Code Violations
Promotion in health facilities & to health workers

Danone/Nutricia Neocate

15, rue du Helder
75009 Paris – France

At a paediatrician’s office in Austria, Nutricia Neocate Infant Diagnostic Set is prominently displayed on the cabinet. According to the global Nutricia Neocate website, “Neocate is a Nutricia brand, Nutricia being a specialised medical nutrition company that is part of the Medical Nutrition Division of Groupe Danone, Paris.” (retrieved from, accessed on 10 April, 2019). Any promotion of products under the scope of the Code in healthcare facilities not only undermines breastfeeding, it is also a form of endorsement to the products and conveying good will on behalf of the company.

Visitors to the website are able to see how the company blatantly promotes the Neocate range of formula products using statements like– “Neocate stands for a range of world leading amino-acid based infant formula” and “Neocate is designed to meet the nutritional requirements needed for growth and development in infants and children.” (retrieved from, accessed on 10 April, 2019).

Display of formula products where parents can easily spot them

A quick check on the Nutricia Germany website (see below) shows that the company promotes Neocate Infant with idealising statements such as “the special composition of Neocate Infant gives your baby all the nutrients it needs for its development in the first year of life” and “Neocate Infant contains so-called nucleotides, which also occur in breast milk.” – ALL are claims which undermine breastfeeding!

Neocate Infant indicated as suitable for use from birth onwards- which clearly undermines exclusive breastfeeding!