AUSTRALIA – Nestlé continues to market complementary foods for infants below 6 months old

Code Violations
Complementary food


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Complementary foods that are marketed as suitable for babies below 6 months of age interfere with exclusive breastfeeding and therefore are considered breastmilk substitutes covered by the scope of the Code. The 2016 WHO Guidance specifically states that messages on package labels of complementary foods should not include any image, text or other representation that suggest use for infants under the age of 6 months.

At a supermarket in Australia, the package label of a particular Nestlé Cerelac product specifically indicates that it is suitable for babies from 4 months. Clearly, Nestlé continues to disregard the Code and recommendations in the 2016 WHO Guidance.

The ‘Blue Bear’ is Nestlé’s trade mascot to help promote its complementary foods.