ICDC’s Code monitoring is continuously sustained by volunteers from around the world. We are grateful for their contributions as their whistle-blowing efforts enable us to know what companies are up to in all corners of the world.  This way, we are able to keep up with latest company strategies and marketing trends and are able to advocate for change through Code implementation and enforcement.
We provide below links to recent Code violations (yet unpublished anywhere else) so everyone can see what companies are up to of late and look for similar promotional tactics in their own backyards.  The benchmarks are the minimum standards set by the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes  and subsequent World Health Assembly Resolutions.
Abbott distributes samples and promotional brochures for Similac infant formula in health facilities and drugstores in Russia - 27/4/2016 link
Humana ad in Russia portrays the product as close to breastmilk - 21/4/2016 link
Mead Johnson  promotes its Enfamil range of products through various marketing strategies at AAP conference in the US - 13/4/2016 link
Pediatricians invited to join Nestlé Nutrition Institute at conference where Gerber Good Start is aggresively promoted at AAP conference in the US - 13/4/2016 link
Label of discounted Nestlé complementary food in Czech Republic shows a feeding bottle and is indicated as suitable from 4 months - 12/4/2016 link
Lactel's Milumel infant formula found in discount bin in a supermarket in France - 12/4/2016 link
Nutrilatt infant formula included in supermarket point collection scheme in Cambodia - 11/4/2016 link
Wakado offer allows customers to pay less for more in Cambodia - 11/4/2016 link
  Friesland's Peak banners at medical conference in Nigeria use forbidden claims - 7/4/2016 link
  Abbott provides Similac product samples and savings to expectant mums in the US - 5/4/2016 link
  Mead Johnson colludes with retail outlets in discount offer in shops in the US - 5/4/2016 link
  Nestlé sponsored e-learning programme in Germany trancends borders to reach health professionals everywhere - 5/4/2016 link
  Nestlé NAN H.A. ad in Norwegian Journal omits important information - 1/4/2016 link
  Danone Nutricia uses idealising claims and images to promote its Infatrini feed for dietary management of infants in Norway - 1/4/2016 link
  Timely, Mead Johnson gifts to convince pregnant women to opt for formula feeding in the US - 29/3/2016 link
Sponsorship by Nestlé in Canada hit protest 
Free rides on website? The public saw and said: "NON" - 25/3/2016
  Novalac calls on parents to look for quality in pharmacies and points them to its follow-up formula in Croatia - 22/3/2016 link
  Mead Johnson offers 360 degrees all round development with its Gentlease formulation in Singapore - 22/3/2016 link
  Danone Nutricia offers product mascot as gift to induce purchase in Luxembourg - 22/3/2016 link
  Find out more violations from Ireland in Look What They're Doing report - 8/5/15 link



Philips Avent's "thought of everything" for mums and babies in its online promotion in Russia - 24/4/2016 link
  Pigeon draws similarities with mother’s breast in magazine ad in Singapore - 11/1/2016 link
  Pigeon runs contest to reach out to pregnant women in Singapore - 16/12/2015 link
  Tommee Tippee in Israel says that with baby feeding products, baby won’t know the difference - 14/12/2015 link

Everyone can monitor. And monitoring can be done anytime anywhere. Help us to call the companies to account by submitting pictures of Code violations or practices which, in your view, undermine breastfeeding in your community.  

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