ICDC’s Code monitoring is continuously sustained by volunteers from around the world. We are grateful for their contributions as their whistle-blowing efforts enable us to know what companies are up to in all corners of the world.  This way, we are able to keep up with latest company strategies and marketing trends and are able to advocate for change through Code implementation and enforcement.
We provide below links to 20 recent Code violations (yet unpublished anywhere else) so everyone can see what companies are up to of late and look for similar promotional tactics in their own backyards.  The benchmarks are the minimum standards set by the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes  and subsequent World Health Assembly Resolutions.
Nestlé and Abbott products on display an given as samples in Nova Scotia, Canada. link
Novalac pin-up featuring infant formula products removed in Botswana link
Different strokes for different folks. Nestlé's promotional strategies for rich and poor communities violate the Code all the same link
Farlin and Pigeon sponsoring breastfeeding events in the Philippines in violation of the national law link
Tommee Tippee gets closer to nature and given free in Lebanon link
Evenflo billboards in Lebanon promotes an "advanced" new line as a natural extention of breastfeeding link
Nutribén complementary foods promotion violate global public health IYCF recommendations and the Lebanese Law link
  Nestlé uses fancy "Allergy Risk Tracker" to attract mothers in a hospital in Malaysia link
  Nestlé "navigates" children's potential in Singapore through Nan 3 traffic games link
  SMA annual baby event in Ireland takes know-how to new promotional heights link
  SMA under Nestlé ownership violates the Code with a price reduction for its infant formula products in Ireland link
  HIPP, Nestlé, Milupa and Bimbosan partner bounty company to offer gifts and samples to mothers in Switzerland link
  Violating the Code is in a job description of a managerial position in Nestlé Canada link
  Abbott growing-up milk cross-promotion in Malaysia link
  Promotion of Nestlé Cerelac in violation of the Law in Pakistan link
  Danone runs riot in Ethiopia. See how this French company takes advantage of the lack of Code implementation to promote its Bebeblac products at a pharmacy in Addis Ababa link
  Supporting mums across Africa or fooling them? Find out how Danone reaches out to mothers using the information platform link
  Babynat Organic unethical labelling found in retail stores in Malaysia link
  Baby’s Only Organic promotional signboard spotted in Vietnam link
  MAM's gift to pregnant women in France link
  Danone's Aptamil special offer in retail outlet in Scotland link
  Nestle's illicit contact with members  of clothing retailer in Canada link
  Philips Avent promotes its feeding bottles as "the best start in life" in Australia link
Everyone can monitor. And monitoring can be done anytime anywhere. Help us to call the companies to account by submitting pictures of Code violations or practices which, in your view, undermine breastfeeding in your community.  
We have a Quick & Easy Form you can use to convey the relevant information.

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